Jack Beanstalk (from The Boy who Cried Wolf)

Jack Beanstalk, who is a known character on Super Why and who left for College and was replaced by a character said to be named Ken and to be Jack's twin and replacement.

I keep reading that there is a character named Ken Beanstalk, who is said to be a replacement of Jack Beanstalk, Whyatt's older brother, who is away in college, and my most favorite character in the show. Ken is also said to be Jack's replacement and Whyatt's new older brother and "twin" of Jack.

But I have never seen Ken Beanstalk and I don't know who he is and I would like to know who Ken Beanstalk is and what episode(s) he appear in.

Ken was said to have appeared at the end of Season 1 after Jack leaves for College (in The City Mouse and The Country Mouse) and there are only two episodes after that: "King Midus" and "The Story of Mother Goose," at least according to Wikipedia. Those are the last two episodes of Season 1 and I did not see Ken Beanstalk in either of those episodes. And I don't remember seeing Ken in any of the Season 2 episodes I saw, not even in the episode "King Eddie Who Loved Speghetti" when Whyatt was having dinner with his family and only he, his parents, and Joy were there, there was no 5th human as Jack was away in College at this time, and I don't remember seeing Jack in any of the Season 2 episodes either, although I think there may be some Season 2 episodes I still haven't seen yet and one episode I didn't finish watching "Woofster Finds a Home."

I'm questioning if this Ken Beanstalk character even exists, If he does, which episode(s) does he appear in? Is he in the Season 2 episodes, not in the Season 1 episodes as I was led to believe? And how can he be Jack's replacement? How did Ken mysteriously appear? Is he a long lost twin brother of Jack who (Ken) was possibly separated at birth and perhaps given up for adoption? Or is there no Ken Beanstalk, as in "there's no such person?" Or maybe he did exist at one time but then was removed never to be seen again.

I would like to see Ken Beanstalk, whether just a picture of him or find out which episode he appears in. If anybody knows which Super Why episodes Ken appears in, can somebody please let me know? I'd like to know more about Ken and see what he's like. Reading how he's Jack's twin, he must look exactly like Jack, but I don't know if he sounds the same or dresses the same and what his personality is like. I still cannot understand how he's Jack's replacement. I would guess Ken is Jack's clone.

Tell me, please, who is this Ken Beanstalk? Is there even a Ken Beanstalk?

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