Whyatt: Hi! So glad you're here! It's me Whyatt.

Whyatt opens the door and goes to Storybrook Village.

Whyatt: Welcome to Storybook Village where all our fairytale friends live.


Whyatt: Oh no! That's my baby sister Joy! Let's go see what's the matter!

(Whyatt walks to his house)

Whyatt: Come on! Hi Poppa Pig!

Jack: Hey little bro!

Whyatt: Hi Jack! That's my famous brother Jack, from the book Jack and the Beanstalk.

Jack: Nice to meet you!

(Sad True Plays Baby Kate Cries) 

Whyatt: Joy, why are you crying?

Women: I'll be right there. Whyatt: It's ok Mom, I'm here!

Whyatt: We can try to help Joy stop crying, Right? Right.


Whyatt: Hmm, If she's crying she must need something, What do you need Joy? Do you need a bottle?

(Whyatt gives Joy a bottle then she starts crying again.)

Whyatt: Hmm, Uh.. Joy do you want your.... Smiley Toy?

(Whyatt gives her a smiley toy, she throws it and cries again.)

Whyatt: Whoa-ho Joy! You're having one... huge... giant.... tantrum.

(Joy stills cries and someone opens the door.)

Mrs. Beanstalk: It's okay Whyatt, I'm here, It's okay, sweet Joy, it's okay.

(Whyatt covers his ears listen to the baby cried.)

Whyatt: This is a super big problem, and a super big problrm meets us...the Super Reaers! We need to call the rest of the Super Readers, Say, "Calling all Super Readers!"

Viewer: Calling all Super Readers!

Whyatt: .. to the book club! to the book club!

Viewer: to the book club!

Whyatt: Come On to the Book Club.

Whyatt: Whyatt Here!

Pig: P is for Pig

Red: Red Riding Hood Rolling in.

Princess: Princess Pea at your Service.

Whyatt: ...and you say your name.

Whyatt: Great, We're all here, Together we will solve my problem. Let's Go!

Red: Okay, Whyatt State your Problem.

Whyatt: It's Joy, she's crying and crying. 

(Joy Starts to cry again.) 

Princess: I can't hear the crying all the way from your house.  Ouch. It hurts my ears. 

Whyatt: What can we do so Joy stops crying?

Red: Good Question.

Whyatt: ..and when we have a question, we looked. 

All: In a book.

Pig: Which Book should we look in? 

Princess: Peas and Carrots, Carrots and Peas, Book come out, please, please, please!

Whyatt: Let's Read the title of this book, "Jack and the Beanstalk" (gasps) That's my brother Jack's Book. We know what to do. We need to jump into this book. ...and find the answer to my question. First we look for super letters. ...and then, put them in our Super Duper Computer. Super Duper Computer how many super letters do we need? 

Whyatt: Oh, in this story we need 5 super letters and then will get, our super story answer. 

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