Whyatt: Hi! So glad you're here. It's me, Whyatt.

Whyatt: Welcome to Storybook Village! Where all the fairytale friends live.

Super Duper Computer: (ringing)

Whyatt: Oh look! Looks like Pig needs our help. Let's go!

Whyatt: Come on!

Whyatt: Hey look! There's Papa Bear and Baby Bear from The Three Bears story. Hi!

Whyatt: There's Pig. Look!

Jill: Up the hill, up the hill, STOMP, STOMP, STOMP!

Pig: Hey, you knocked down my building again! STOP!

Jill: Up the hill, up the hill.

Jill: Up the hill, up the hill, STOMP, STOMP, STOMP!

Pig: Jill, don't do that.

Pig: Whyatt, look!

Whyatt: What's going on, Pig?

Jill: Up the hill, up the hill, STOMP, STOMP, STOMP!

Pig: Everytime I build something, Jill knocks it down.

Whyatt: This is terrible! Don't you see?

Pig: How can I get Jill to stop knocking down my buildings!?

Whyatt: This sounds like a super big problem. And a super big problem needs us, The Super Readers!

Whyatt: We need to call the rest of the Super Readers! Call them with me. Say, calling all Super Readers!

Viewers: Calling all Super Readers!

Whyatt: To the Book Club!

Viewers: To the Book Club!

Whyatt: Come on! To the Book Club!

Whyatt: Whyatt here!

Pig: P is for Pig!

Little Red Riding Hood: Red Riding Hood rolling in!

Princess Pea: Princess Pea at your service.

Whyatt: And you, say your name!

Whyatt: Great, we are all here! Together, we will solve Pig's problem! Let's go!

Whyatt: Okay, Pig! State your problem.

Pig: I was making huge buildings and Jill kept knocking them down.

Princess Pea: Oh no!

Little Red Riding Hood: I can't believe it!

Pig: How can I get Jill to stop knocking down my buildings?

Whyatt: Good question! When we have a question, we look...

All: In a book!

Pig: Which book should we look in?

Princess Pea: Peas and Carrots, Carrots and Peas. Book come out, please, please, please!

Whyatt: Let's read the title of this book. The Three Little Pigs.

Whyatt: We know what to do, we need to jump into this book. And find the Answer to Pig's question.

Whyatt: First, we look for Super Letters. And then put them in our Super Duper Computer! Super Duper Computer, how many super letters do we need?

Whyatt: Oh, in this story, we need to find 6 super letters. And then we'll get our super story answer!

Whyatt: It's time to transform! Ready?

All: Ready!

Whyatt: Arms in. Put your arm in.

(Everyone puts out there hands)

Whyatt: Super Readers...

All: To the Rescue!

Pig: Alpha Pig with Alphabet Power!

Little Red Riding Hood: Wonder Red with Word Power!

Princess Pea: Princess Presto with Spelling Power!

Whyatt: Super Why with the Power to Read!

Whyatt: And Super You with the Power to Help!

Whyatt: Together we are...

All: The Super Readers!

Whyatt: Why flyers, we are ready to fly into this book!

(Super Readers to the Rescue plays)

Princess Presto: Presto! We are in The Three Pigs book!

Super Why: Let's read! Why writer, highlight! Read with me. There once were three little pigs.

(The pigs wave Hi!)

Super Why: The first little pig built a straw house.

(The first pig builds a straw house)

Super Why: The wolf blew the straw house down.

Big Bad Wolf: I am going to huff and puff and blow this house down.


Alpha Pig: That Big Bad Wolf knocked the house down.

Super Why: Just like Jill knocked your building down.

Super Why: And that, Super Readers is why we are in this book.

Super Why: Jill and the Wolf both knock things down.

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