1. There once was a small good wolf.
  2. the witch opens the door.
  3. Humpty dumpty had a great slide.
  4. the giant had one huge bed.
  5. the hair stops by the upside down tortise.
  6. golidlocks jumps the three bears house.
  7. the boy cried wolf and friends came.
  8. the duck floats kicks and glides. 
  9. rapunzel rapunzel let down your ladder. 
  10. the shoemaker invites her secret friend.
  11. the spider smiles at  miss muffet.
  12. the clock strocks twelve and cinderella has to stay.
  13. the ant has food and the grasshopper has seeds. 
  14. the  frog and princess played jumping and wands.
  15. her friends listen.
  16. the princess eats the pea. 
  17. Grandma is in Grandma's bed.
  18. tom thumb is very tall.
  19. little bo peep has two more hints.
  20. the emperor marches in the parade in his clothes.
  21. the three billy goats are polite.
  22. the key is found.
  23. everyone is awake. 
  24. the bears find wolf in the bed. 
  25. the princess tries at the spinning wheel.
  26. the beast talks.
  27. tiddalick shares all of the water. 
  28. sleeping beauty love to sleep and sing and run.
  29. the farmer wishes for a house made of bricks. 
  30. the goose lays two more golden eggs.
  31. the  little girl said, stop stop stop.
  32. Pinocchio says yes. 
  33. the friends made the orge laugh.
  34. the gingerbread boy goes slow.
  35. halloween is make believe.
  36. ella plays with stars.
  37. the prince sits on the carpet.
  38. santa claus comes down the ladder.
  39. the mermaid shows her tail. 
  40. juna bobo heard mama says address. 
  41. snow white throws the apple.
  42. the rice cakes roll in the door. 
  43. peter rabbit runs into the bouncy net. 
  44. the boy drew dragons.
  45. aladdin rubs the magic lamp to get the genie out. 
  46. george scares the dragon. 
  47. the robinsons bulid a boat. 
  48. the pigs bulid their house with bricks.
  49. white rabbit is on time for the tea party. 
  50. what does this animal need? a bath.
  51. what does this animal need? a nap.
  52. what does this animal need? a drink.
  53. once upon a time the dragon lived in a castle.
  54. the witch lived in a house made of fruits and vegebales.
  55. cinderella wears a soft a slipper.
  56. the pauper lives t the farm and the prince lived at the castle. 
  57. the ugly duckling grows into a swan. 
  58. the mouse king starts the music. 
  59. the eraser erasers mistakes.
  60. the tooth fairy leaves the tooth.
  61. bake the cake in the oven.
  62. the heroes score the goal.
  63. briny bart gives the right clue.
  64. the prince takes the swan madiens picture.
  65. the county mouse and the city mouse visited each other
  66. king midas wanted less gold.
  67. rub a dub dub three man in a tub.
  68. go in.
  69. scrubbing gets rif of all the germs.
  70. charlie's room is dark. 
  71. this song helps molly dance.
  72. king eddie eats beets and meatballs and spaghetti. 
  73. naila solves the secret message.
  74. jasper pulls the horse. 
  75. baby dino has a long neck and eats plants. 
  76. gwennie is brave.
  77. robo-doggie flies into the tree.
  78. math a million count the apples and balloons
  79. monty wants to sing songs in the band.
  80. zora paints gold and dots.
  81. wobblebottom has a picture of the world.
  82. galileo catches the comet.

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